The story

The adventure of Francesca Capriglione (founder and formulator at Derma Viridis) with natural cosmetics begins with the self-production of soap, long before the idea of transforming a passion into a job appeared. Fascinated by the properties of extracts and vegetable oils, finding the way to use them was instinctive and completely natural, thus laying the first foundations for what would later be the cornerstones of her “making cosmetics”. In addition to the phytotherapeutic power, she felt their ability to connect us with the Earth, make us one with a world so complex and at the same time simple and always perfect, in which self-care is much more than a mere cosmetic routine.

The first Latte e Luna laboratory was born in 2012 in Sabaudia: 2 lines, 11 products, and a production lab of 23 square meters.

In 2016 the corporate structure was changed: Federica, Francesca’s sister, joins as co-owner and the company, named Derma Viridis, was born. Nowadays it includes several brands as Latte e Luna (brand dedicated to whole family skincare); Mr. Echo (specific brand for beard, hair and skincare for men); Deoly (deodorants and perfumes brand) and Planty (powdered detergents).

The team

Francesca Capriglione
Fondatrice e titolare 

Founder and owner of Derma Viridis, Francesca is also the creator of the cosmetic lines and the formulator of the company. It is from her ingenuity and her hands that every single detail of our brands and our lines originates.

Federica Capriglione

Co-owner of the company, she follows the quality control of the production line and commercial relations. Crucial element of the company, concrete and pragmatic, she solves any problem of any kind.

Ilaria Sodini
Comunicazione e social

She manages company social channels and customer care. She collaborates with Derma Viridis since the creation of the first lines. Critical and demanding consumer, she has always accompanied Latte and Luna.

Mamma Titti
Mascotte e supporter

She supports us in difficult times and in every success. In addition to taking care of us during the most intense production periods, she accompanies us during the final labeling operations of the products. She has been completely delegated to the hand production of PezzoLinda.