The health of beauty

Derma Viridis is an Italian company that offers a cosmetic product made entirely by hand, with simple, highly concentrated formulations, water free and with only active and natural ingredients.

A skin-friendly and proactive cosmetic that works in synergy with the natural physiological rhythms of the skin, supporting it daily in its renewal processes, repairing aging damage and reducing stress from internal and external insults. Each formula is designed to be effective, high-performing and versatile, utilizing the true potential of officinal herbs and pure oils, resulting delicate and protective at the same time.

To promote an essential cosmetic approach, made of a few gestures, which gently accompanies the rediscovery of the physiological rhythms of the skin, is the company mission.

Water free cosmetics

The choice of an anhydrous cosmetics, that is to say without water, arises from the objective to formulate a fully active product, by choosing a vehicle not only capable to accommodate the active ingredient, but to work together with it and amplify its potential, making each ingredient functional. This allows us not only to protect the skin with simple, balanced and preservatives free formulations, but also to promote the natural skin hydration mechanisms, indispensable for a healthy, strong, and beautiful skin. Because they are lipids, namely fats, contained in cosmetics – in our case only ovegetable and highly skin-friendly – that with their filming action, maintain a constant hydration.


Since the birth of the first brand, when the company idea and the design of a fully eco-sustainable laboratory were still at the dawn, we propose an eco-dermo-compatible cosmetics. The meeting with Skineco, the international eco-dermo-compatibility association – which is the birthplace of this increasingly widespread neologism – has been the promoter’s impulse that has led us to acquire awareness of the potential of our product. The elective affinity derived from this meeting, the sharing of the same convictions, has ensured the beginning of a wonderful collaboration and the characterization of the type of cosmetics we propose.

Raw materials choice

Derma Viridis offers an essential cosmetics. This choice is also reflected in the selection of raw materials, preferring only those highly compatible with the skin and the environment. All the ingredients used in the production process, such as oils, butters and herbal extracts, are of natural origin and of high quality and where possible certificated organic. Particular attention is also paid to extraction systems, which are fundamental constituents in the organoleptic composition of the ingredients used and in their contribution of active substances.

Company’s cosmetic approach looks at origins, tradition and essential. Production is articulated in small lots that assure the control and quality of the products during each production process. During these processes it is never adopted an aggressive approach, choosing low temperatures, which keep active ingredients undamaged. This allows to guarantee a fresh, effective and at the same time unique cosmetic.