Creamy deodorant

Deoly deodorants are the ideal allies to face daily challenges. They meet the needs of the whole family, with effective and delicate formulations that do not alter the physiological pH of the skin but tend to normalize its acidity, avoiding the formation of bad odors.

Without affecting the physiological sweating process and the natural microbial flora, they combine natural ingredients to take advantage of different mechanisms of anti-odor action:
adsorbent – the rice starch and clays present physically capture the odorous molecules, that is, they adsorb them on the surface, transforming them into less volatile and no longer smelly compounds;
anti-enzymatic – triethyl nitrate inhibits the activity of bacterial enzymes, lowering the skin pH and limiting bacterial activity and development;
antioxidant – tocopherol acetate inhibits bacterial oxidases.

Four formulations for four types of armpits: young, sporty, glamorous and strong.

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