Your remedy in a tube

A line of phytotherapeutic ointments in tubes to always carry with you to act where you need it when you need it.

Natural and synergistic extracts that work in a gentle and effective way to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and flu states, helping you to treat your ailments in a completely natural way. Particular attention is paid to the selection of extracts and essential oils that work together to give you relief at any time. The products are named after an identifying plant but their formulation goes far beyond the single active ingredient. We have identified 4 articulated and structured phytocomplexes whose components are able to work synergistically and safely to act as needed on many daily needs.

Multiple ways of using the products: not only topical use but also diffusion in the environment, for example through a burner with an oily solution, and inhalation, applying a little product on a tissue, to give a feeling of well-being to both the body and mind.

Discover in detail the use of each active consulting the table of indications, clicking on the button below.
Having seen the indications table, try to experiment with phytotherapeutic ointments in synergy according to the disorder to be treated and share your successful interactions with us.

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