Allow yourself a moment, massage the body to caress the soul, scrutinizing with wonder the true nature of oneself.
Stroll through your emotions, enjoying the warmth of a soft touch. Abandon yourself to the enveloping harmony of fragrant notes that lull the spirit.
Leading the journey Grace, Faith, Hope and Joy, our 4 cream-to-go, which tell the beauty of the uniqueness of each, walking among colors, smells, flavors, emotions, desires and dreams.

Made in the classic take-away drink packages, CREAM TO GO combine the desire for a practical and fast-absorbing body cream with a simple yet precious concept inspired by tea-time, to allow yourself a moment of contemplation and relaxation in which you can feel at the center of your world.
Four nourishing body creams with a silky touch. The precious avocado and rice oils, with emollient and protective properties, give the skin softness and hydration. Rice starch, soothing and absorbent, gives a dry finish and guarantees rapid absorption.

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