Cosmetics for compromised skin

An essential line designed to take care of your body when at any time of the day and when skin alterations occur.
All products of this line are formulated to be well balanced and tolerated by the most sensitive or compromised skin. Each preparation is dedicated to a specific need, but they are all characterized by the same principles: do not harm – soothe – protect.

The aim is first of all to preserve and restore the natural hydrolipidic balance of the skin starting from a correct cleansing, which does not impoverish the stratum corneum of its defenses but is able to free the skin from the residues that occlude it.

In the presence of skin alterations, generally symptomatic of an ongoing inflammatory process, soothing and protecting are the most effective ways to intervene on the cutaneous insult, helping the skin to activate its natural self-regenerative and reparative mechanisms.

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