Beauty treatment

The Tarake line was created with the intention of taking care of every skin imperfection and blemish.
Designed to favor and accelerate cell turnover mechanisms for a smoother and more luminous skin, it combines the best exfoliation techniques to free the skin of impurities and renew the cells, which thus become more receptive and allow the treatments to act deeper.

A delicate and strong cosmetic routine at the same time, like dandelion (taraxacum), the flower from which it takes its name (composed in Greek from tarake – confusion – and akos – remedy) that melts in a breath of wind but thanks to this it is capable to flourish everywhere.

It consists of a series of synergistic and functional products that, combined together according to the “TARAKE-routine”, offer an active response to every type and need of the skin (such as skin sagging, wrinkles, scars, thickening, discoloration, dull complexion, acne and dilated pores), in order to restore softness and radiance, illuminating the complexion and refining its texture.

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