What We Offer

We are a small, family-run hand-crafted laboratory: Francesca and Federica Capriglione manage firsthand any step regarding the process of creating cosmetics, from production to sale. The production is divided into batches of maximum 3 kg of product: this allows us to have an efficient quality control and to supply always products with high quality standards. We personally follow anyone who has shown interest in our brands, be it a consumer or a retailer. This way of dealing directly with the people who use or sell our products has allowed us to build relationships of trust and to instill the love for our work and for what it represents.

Personalized advice

Personalized advice is the best way for us at Derma Viridis to get in touch directly with our consumers, listening to the real needs of their skin and cosmetic routines, so that we can recommend the product that best satisfies every single and particular situation. It is not enough to know every data sheet, remember every case: the right product is combined not only with skin need for but also with the lifestyle of every person, based on the time he can devote to the care of his skin. We give personalized advice to anyone who contacts us by phone and by writing to us through our contact forms and social media, as well as to anyone who wants to visit us in the laboratory after a telephone appointment and, of course, to anyone who has the pleasure of attending our events.

Meetings and events

Discovering water-free cosmetics means knowing a different way to take care of your skin and well-being. A sustainable lifestyle that can not ignore critical consumption. For this reason, since the beginning of our adventure in the world of eco-dermo-compatible cosmetics, we have organized events and meetings of conscious consumption training, both to make information about sustainable cosmetics and to give personalized advice and to present new lines and products, while carring on our beauty education projects. We are always willing to organize free of charge events at your store, your accommodation or at the offices of your association or your school.

Commercial Support

We provide our retailers with all the commercial assistance they need, organizing free product training meetings and events presenting new lines and references directly to consumers at their shop, without any kind of cost. Simply write to us to request an appointment at our lab or to ask us to organize a meeting open to consumers directly at your headquarters: we will be happy to join you and come to meet your customers.

Consulting and Third party Production

In addition to its Latte and Luna, Deoly and Mr. Echo brands, Derma Viridis also deals with third party production for other companies active in the field of water free cosmetics. Third party productions takes place with handcrafted methodology, managed in small butches, and include every aspect of cosmetic production: from the development of the formula to the packaging. Contact us at any time to request third party production for your company.

FB Group and Blogs Collaborations

We are happy to collaborate with Facebook groups animated by the passion for natural cosmetics and bloggers that we know and to whom we are linked by an interpersonal relationship based on mutual respect. For this reason, we open our lab to all influencers who want to know us and to try our products, bringing their sincere opinion on social media and allowing us to reach an audience that otherwise we could not meet. We are always pleased to welcome in our space administrators of groups, bloggers, youtuber, instagramers, influencers in individual meetings and dedicated events, to talk with them about our eco-dermo-compatible cosmetics.