piantiamola the environmental sustainability project

No company can be totally carbon neutral, but we haven’t given up!

During 2019 we decided to do something more and involve our customers, making them an active part of a concrete and exciting initiative: #Piantiamola, the awareness campaign on CO2 emissions.

We have always adopted slow and manual production systems: our energy consumption, despite having a production laboratory, is comparable to domestic consumption, so much so that our company uses the minimum energy supply for domestic use (3kW / h).
However, the mere fact of existing as a person affects the environment.

In light of this awareness, it was natural to do everything in our power to compensate for the emissions that are essential for the management and development of the company. In fact, there are some aspects of the company that cannot be renounced related to marketing, transport and marketing.

For this, we started by planting a forest of 200 cocoa trees on Treedom, the web platform that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow it online. Trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen and promote biodiversity. In addition to this, Treedom trees allow to realize sustainable ecosystems and guarantee food sovereignty and income opportunities for thousands of farmers.
By connecting to our #PIANTIAMOLA forest it is possible to discover all the stores we collaborate with that have embraced our cause and support us in this initiative.

Our first project, which became the spokesperson for the #Piantiamola awareness campaign, featuredfour Beauty Boxes by Latte e Luna brand that actively contributed to the reforestation of the planet by involving consumers as well. In fact, each box contained a coupon that invited everyone to plant a tree on Treedom and a paper ticket that could be planted to bring greenery into one’s home, giving life to wildflowers.

Strengthened by the ever-evolving experience of #Piantiamola, when we created Planty, the new Derma Viridis brand, released in March 2020, it was natural and spontaneous to implement our choices with the same spirit.
From formula to production to packaging: every aspect of Planty has been designed to minimize the ecological footprint and ensure that self-care is also love for the environment.