Don’t you know which of our deodorants is best for you?
Are you in love with all the Deoly deodorant and you want to use them in rotation?
Do you want to share with your family the joy of always having fresh and fragrant armpits or having comfortable travel sizes to take anywhere?
Then Deoly Pocket is the right answer for you!
A funny and colorful pocket that contains our four deodorants in a practical travel size to take anywhere. Our deodorants last for a very long time, we can guarantee you months of application.
Try them all to taste their effectiveness.


How to use it
Take a small amount of product and warm it with your fingertips. Rub gently on clean and dry skin. One application a day it’s enough, after your cleansing routine.

Store in a cool, dry place far from heat sources.
Do not exceed the dosage and avoid application immediately after armpits depilation.

Additional information