Your remedy in a tube

Convenient box, contains the travel sizes of Phytocosmetics: Lavanda plus, Arnica plus, Mienta plus, Calendula Plus. Four ointments to always carry with you to act where you need and when you need it. Four phytocomplexes formulated, whose components are able to work synergistically and safely to act on many daily needs.
Multiple ways of using phytocosmetics.Find out in detail the use of each active priciple by consulting the table of indications andtry to experiment with the use of phytotherapeutic ointments in synergy according to the disorder to be treated and share your successful interactions with us.



The kit contains
LAVANDA PLUS 25 ml: phytocosmetic preparation with soothing, calming and relaxing action.
CALENDULA PLUS 25 ml: phytocosmetic preparation with soothing and emollient action; relieves itching and irritation.
MENTA PLUS 25 ml: phytocosmetic preparation with a refreshing, invigorating, relaxing, calming and anti-fatigue action.
ARNICA PLUS 25 ml: phytocosmetic preparation with calming, warming, tonic and relaxing action.

How to use
Topical treatment:localized skin application
Plantar Application:on the sole of the foot for greater absorption of essential oils.
Cataplasma caldo o freddo: localized application covered with gauze soaked in hot or cold water.

Warnings (except Calendula Plus)
– Do not use on children under 3 years of age;
– Avoid use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Other uses
Hot aromatherapy: in an essence burner in an oily dilution;
Cold aromatherapy:with the application of the ointment on a paper or cloth support to be kept near the nose and mouth.

After application, amplify the action of the treatment with Power plus or Power plus Mini, natural cherry stone pillows, for a hot or cold thermal action.

For more details on indications and interactions with other phytocosmetics and methods of use, click on the button below.



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