Kit for baby care and cleansing
Gift box ideal for baby care and cleansing Designed for the baby’s needs, it helps and prepares the skin for every kind of stress, while offering a sweet cuddle that will protect the baby all day long. A perfect gift idea, and also the most natural choice for your baby.
This box contains all full-size Baby Care products and a useful measuring bottle with a spray top.


Skin-friendly cleansing for babies
Olio Baby, Acqua di Camomilla e Polvere di riso, three products designed to cleans the baby in compleat safety. Olio baby, mixed with Acqua di Camomilla using the measuring bottle included, creates a light emulsion, compatible with the delicate skin structure of babies, offering a fresh and practical cleanser. Use with a moisten Pezzolinda Baby. Use the rice starch in the water or on a moisten Pezzolinda baby for the bath, in case of sensitive skin, redness or hot weather.

Warnings: observe the indicated doses to mix Acqua di camomilla e Olio Baby. The biphasic mixture of water and oil lasts two weeks from the time of preparation if stored in a cool and dry place. It is possible to prepare 50 ml or 25 ml of biphasic mixture with the measuring bottle.

Care and well-being
Protect the baby’s skin.
For the daily needs of your baby’s skin you can count on TuttiGiorni, an all-in-one cream to use on face, body and intimate areas and Prima Pelle 30%, in case of redness or reactive and atopic skin. For a gust of freshness in complete safety, Soffio di riso, a refreshing active chamomile water, will gently scent the baby with a single spray.

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