Cleansing washcloth
Cleansing washcloth in 100% Italian soft cotton terry, hand stiched. Perfect to use in combination with Lavamiand Shampami. Once wet, pour half a teaspoon of cleansing powder inside and proceed with a massage on the body and hair. In addition to evenly distributing the product and maximizing its performance, Schiumami, gently micro-exfoliates the skin during washing.

The washcloth guarantees a perfect foam and allows to bring only the detergent you need into the shower, without waste and deterioration of the product.


How to use SchiumAmi
Wet and squeeze the washcloth, pour half a teaspoon of cleansing powder into it and proceed with a massage on body and hair. To avoid product waste, turn the knob backwards and finish skimming the product left inside on the body. After cleansing, remove any residues, rinsing under running water, and allow to air dry, hanging it from the strap.

100% Italian cotton. Hand stitched.

The suggested doses are indicative and you can experiment with different quantities and methods of preparation. You will always be able to create the perfect product for your habits and needs.

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