Do no harm

The basis of our business philosophy, from the choice of ingredients to the formulation of cosmetic, is “not to harm”, that is to say never to compromise the balance of this so perfect sensory organ, called skin. Any active ingredient or excipient used in production cannot disregard the evaluation of the impact on skin it is going to manifest. It is for this reason that all our attention is focused on the choice of highly skin-friendly raw materials, which do not affect the natural mechanisms of skin renewal, but rather support it in its restoring and self-regenerative processes, especially in critical moments.
Choosing the most innovative active ingredient is not enough if it is then conveyed in a base that is not similar to the skin or that simply creates skin stress. In the best of cases the effectiveness of the active ingredient used is compromised, at worst a damage to the skin is created.

Soon, good and just enough

A water free cosmetic should be applied in small quantities and when needed, spreading it with an energetic massage that reactivates microcirculation and facilitates absorption. Normally 30 seconds are enough to apply our cosmetics, but if there was still product on the skin, it should be dabbed and next time a smaller quantity should be applied.

Treat your skin with love

Our products lead you to listen to your skin so that you always know what it wants, when it wants it and how much it wants. The skin is a sensory organ that, through the touch, allows us to “read” the surrounding environment, interacting with it – it is a communication organ. This is why it should be treated with care, avoiding to “stress” it with frequent and aggressive washing or “painting” it with substances that do not allow it to work properly. A healthy and well-treated skin is naturally soft, smooth, hydrated, not greasy; it remains clean for a long time and does not emanate unpleasant odors. Touch your skin and find a direct connection with it.

Cleanse the skin

The cleansing of face and body is essential to eliminate that set of substances composed of glandular secretions (sebum and sweat), desquamated cells, dust, smog and other substances that are fertile ground for the development of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. However an excess of washings, and above all the use of excessively degreasing or non-physiological products, can alter the natural balance of the skin leading to dehydration, irritation, hyperseborrhea (excessive production of sebum), formation of unpleasant odors. On the contrary, a physiological cleansing promotes the natural balance of the skin and is indispensable before the application of any cosmetic treatment. In fact, a cream if applied on perfectly cleansed skin, has an active yield higher than 80%.

Our cleansing proposal

We offer a daily cleansing routine based on oils. Unique allies for our skin, they defend it from external agents, from time, from inflammation, but, above all, they regulate the production of sebum, constituting an excellent alternative to traditional detergents. We formulate blends of only natural oils, rich in vitamin E, highly compatible with the hydrolipidic acid mantle and able to penetrate without attacking or occluding the skin. The best results are obtained using oils in combination with moistened Pezzolinda, our pure cotton washcloth, or other type of support. The mechanism is as follows: the water present in the cloth and the oil mix creating a light and poorly oily emulsion, which dissolves and removes in depth any kind of dirt and impurities accumulated on the skin. The mechanical action of the washcloth then drags the residues away, thus replacing the chemical action of the surfactant, which is often too aggressive.

Moisturize the skin

The aqueous component of the skin is essential to guarantee firmness, softness, resistance and elasticity: an unhydrated skin can become rough, fragile, relaxed and prone to roughness. In reality skin water and NMF (Natural Hydration Factor) are continuously supplied to the skin by the body, with mechanisms that obviously work better if all the metabolism is working properly. The use of cosmetics therefore allows the hydration to be preserved and protected thanks to the intake of fats and lipids that restore the water balance, thus allowing the skin to power all its functions and its self-regenerative processes. A water free cosmetic “hydrates ‘indirectly’ by retaining insensitive perspiration (perspiratio insensibilis). By preventing the leakage of water from the skin it will accumulate in the most superficial layers of dermis giving an excellent level of hydration”(cit. Fabrizio Zago – Cosmesi anidra: la (ri)nascita di una nuova frontiera della cura della pelle.)